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Telling time — whole and half hours — with the minute hand

In the previous lesson, children learned to tell time (whole and half hours) with an analog clock that didn't have the minute hand but only had the hour hand. In this lesson, I now introduce the minute hand.

I show how the minute hand travels one full round (60 minutes) while the hour hand goes from one hour to the next, such as from 4 to 5 on the clock face. This full round is 60 minutes, and so half an hour is 30 minutes.

So, this is why a time such as "half past 5" can also be stated as 5:30 — using hours AND minutes.

Next, we practice telling time (whole hours and half hours) in these two ways: either using the "o'clock" / "half past", or stating the hours and minutes.

We also figure out what time it will be half an hour later.

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