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Which Math Mammoth books or materials should you choose?

This page will explain the main differences and similarities between various Math Mammoth series of books, so that you can choose the materials that are BEST for YOUR situation.

Math Mammoth materials are very versatile and accommodate the needs of both parents and teachers. Whether you need a complete math curriculum, review materials, something for filling in gaps, or real-life math supplements, we have something for you!

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Overview of the different series

The colorful boxes below explain the basics of the different kinds of Math Mammoth materials.

Full curriculum
Light Blue Series

  • Complete math curriculum
  • Each grade level consists of two student worktexts (A and B), tests, cumulative reviews, answer keys, and a worksheet maker.
  • Worktext format: includes both explanations and problems
  • Best seller!
  • Covers grades 1-8
  • Matching videos available
  • Lesson plans available separately
  • Start by administering a placement test

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For filling in gaps
The Blue Series

  • Books by math TOPICS (not grades), such as clock, multiplication, or geometry
  • Covers topics for grades 1-8
  • Worktext format: includes both explanations and problems
  • Great for filling in gaps before starting the full curriculum
  • Can also be used as a full curriculum with careful planning
  • Affordable
  • Contains the same lessons as Light Blue
  • You can use the same placement tests as for Light Blue

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Word problems

This is a new series that currently has only one book (more coming).

  • Two-step and multi-step problems
  • Students are often encouraged to write down the calculations they do.
  • Aimed to help students who have trouble with word problems and who may need to “go back to the beginning”, to learn to solve them.
  • Includes examples and strategies

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Supplemental materials

  • Matched to the Light Blue curriculum
  • Reviews skills in a spiral fashion
  • One-page worksheets
  • Contains no instruction
  • For grades 1-7

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  • Review worksheets on specific math topics, plus mixed review worksheets
  • The perfect supplement if you use the Blue series as your main curriculum
  • Contains no instruction
  • Great for summer math
  • The content comes from the Light Blue series; thus redundant if you own Light Blue
  • For grades 1-7

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  • For grades 3-12
  • In-depth activities taken from real-life, with real data
  • Great for enrichment
  • Real-life topics include cell phone plans, autism, population growth, cooking, borrowing money, credit cards, life spans, music downloads, etc. etc.

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  • Custom-made worktexts for the Mathematics Foundations course offered by the Well-Trained Mind Academy (however, anyone can purchase the worktexts). This is a remedial course meant for middle school students who don't have a good foundation of elementary school mathematics.

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Feature comparison chart

Chart showing comparison of features of the different Math Mammoth series

Click to view the image in full size.

*The Blue Series CAN be used as a full math curriculum. However, this means the teacher/parent needs to decide and plan the order of study (which topics to study when). You can get some help from this document.

What should you choose in these situations?

Here are some suggestions for Math Mammoth materials to fit certain common situations. Click on the "speech bubbles" to reveal the suggestion.

  • I need a complete curriculum
  • I use the Light Blue, and my child needs more practice
  • I use the Blue series as a main curriculum, and would like mixed practice worksheets
  • I am using some other math curriculum, and my child needs more practice and instruction for such-and-such a topic
  • My child is transitioning to Math Mammoth from some other curriculum, and needs to fill in gaps
  • My student is seriously behind and would likely to be sensitive to grade-level labels
    Blue series, as it doesn't mention grade levels
  • I'm a classroom teacher looking for additional materials for differentiation
    Blue series or maybe also Make It Real
  • I'm a classroom teacher or tutor needing materials that provide additional review.
  • I'm a classroom teacher or tutor needing materials that support struggling students.
    Light Blue series OR Blue series, because those include full instruction written to the student, along with the problems and exercises.
  • I would like some extra challenges and/or enrichment materials


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