Learn to tell time and read the clock
Video lessons & online practice

This is a collection of videos plus links to interactive online practice, helping children learn to tell time on an analog clock. The lessons and the practice problems suit best grades 1-3.

The videos match the topics in Math Mammoth Clock worktext — available both as a digital download and as a printed book.

Video lessons

Whole and half hours (telling time using only the hour hand) — grade 1

Minutes and half hours (the minute hand is introduced) — grade 1

AM and PM (morning and afternoon) hours — grade 1

Tell the time to the nearest five minutes - grades 2-3

Tell the time using "past" and "till" - grades 2-3

Quarter till and quarter past

Telling time to the minute — grade 3

How many hours pass? – elapsed time in whole hours - grades 1-2

Elapsed time in minutes — grades 3-4

Using a calendar (future or past dates)

Online practice

Telling Time 🕓 — free online, interactive practice here at MathMammoth.com

Telling Time with "past" and "till" — free online practice here at MathMammoth.com

Elapsed time — online practice

See also

Math Mammoth Clock — a self-teaching worktext about telling time

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