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Free 4th grade math video lessons

This is a collection of free math videos for 4th grade, showing varied exercises for each topic. They match Math Mammoth Grade 4 curriculum but will also work no matter which curriculum you follow (in other words, the videos don't rely on you having Math Mammoth curriculum).

Please choose a topic from the list. Please realize this is not a complete coverage of all 4th grade math. There isn't (yet) a video for every lesson in Math Mammoth Grade 4 curriculum, and I hope to add to the collection in the future. Also, some of the videos are older work of mine, but listed here in case they are still helpful to some.

Chapter 1: Addition, subtraction, rounding, and graphs

Bar models in addition and subtraction problems

The order of operations and writing simple expressions

Making a bar graph plus word problems

Rounding 4-digit numbers

Estimating the final result

Calculate and estimate money amounts

Calculate and estimate money amounts: word problems

Chapter 2: Large Numbers and Place Value

Adding and subtracting large numbers

Rounding and estimating with large numbers - up to six digits

Multiples of 10, 100, and 1000

Chapter 3: Multi-Digit Multiplication

"Scales" (pan balance) problems (2 videos)

Multiply in parts 1 (partial products) – 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication

Multiply in parts 2 – partial products algorithm for 3-digit numbers and money amounts

Estimating in multiplication: round the factors!

Multiplying in columns, the standard way — 1-digit by 2,3,4-digit multiplication; standard algorithm

The order of operations again

Multiplying money amounts & money word problems (2 videos)

So many of the same thing

Multiply by whole tens in columns — aka a shortcut for 2-digit multiplication when one factor is a multiple of ten

The standard multiplication algorithm with a two-digit multiplier — aka two-digit multiplication, and why we add a zero on the 2nd line (2 videos)

Chapter 4: Time and Measuring

Time units

Elapsed time to the minute

Videos for measurement units are found on this page. You can also use these shortcut links:

Measuring temperature — Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees

Measuring length (to the nearest 1/8 inch and in cm/mm)

Feed, Yards, and Miles (conversions between inches, feet, and yards)

Metric units for measuring length (from millimeter to kilometer)

Customary units of weight

Metric units of weight

Metric units of volume

Chapter 5: Division and divisibility

video thumbnail

The order of operations plus writing simple expressions

The remainder, part 1

The remainder, part 2 – we learn to write division with a different symbol and learn about the remainder in word problems

How to teach long division

Long division — step-by-step examples (several videos)

Remainder problems – word problems involving long division with a remainder

Concept of average

Find fractional parts with division

Divisibility (and factors & multiples)

An introduction to prime numbers

Finding factors

Chapter 6: Geometry

Videos for 4th (and 5th) grade geometry are found on the same page. You can also use these shortcut links:

Review: Area versus perimeter

Lines, rays, and angles

Drawing angles (How to use the protractor)

Estimating angles

How to draw a right angle and a rectangle (for the lesson "Parallel and Perpendicular Lines"


Triangles (acute, obtuse, and right)

Chapter 7: Fractions

Mixed numbers and fractions

Adding mixed numbers (with like fractional parts)

Equivalent fractions

Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers (2 videos)

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers (2 videos)

Chapter 8: Decimals

Decimals numbers — tenths

Adding and subtracting with tenths

Two decimal digits — hundredths (2 videos)

Add and subtract decimals in columns (2 videos)

Add (and subtract) decimals mentally (2 videos)

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