Free videos on expressions and ecuations (grades 6-7)

Find here free online math videos on algebraic expressions and equations for middle school. The videos match lessons in the Blue Series books Expressions & Equations and Linear Equations.

Introduction to algebra

Expressions – What are expressions and how to evaluate them

Expressions – write expressions from word phrases

Writing and simplifying expressions 1: length and perimeter

Writing and simplifying expressions 2: area

The distributive property (simplified lesson, for 6th grade)

Factoring linear expressions

Equations (an introduction)


Using two variables – an introduction to equations with two variables

The language of algebra

The topics below provide an foundation to principles used in algebra (and pre-algebra).

The order of operations

What are expressions & equations?

Working with expressions & equations

The commutative & associative properties

The distributive property — for grade 7 or pre-algebra

Growing patterns

I have not made video lessons for growing patterns, but you can use this Youtube video for starters.

The other two I list below give a very mechanical way of approaching these types of pattern problems, where you don't have to think so much — but the method explained works always, so it can be helpful, especially if such a problem is expected to be on a standardized test:

However, my goal in putting the growing pattern problems in Math Mammoth materials is NOT to teach students a mechanical way, but just give them some exposure to thinking of different ways to SEE the pattern, and then try to express it using symbols. So there is no need to learn the mechanical way.

Linear equations

Two-step equations

Variable on both sides

Equations involving parentheses

Equations with fractions

How to use the formula for distance, rate (speed), and time to solve problems

Writing equations for word problems


Graphing equations

Introduction to slope

The above videos match lessons in the Blue Series books Expressions & Equations and Linear Equations.

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