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Math Mammoth Grade 3 Complete Curriculum

Math Mammoth Grade 3 Complete Curriculum is a complete math program for 3rd grade, providing you with everything you need to teach 3rd grade math. It is available both as a download version and as printed copies.

At the heart of the curriculum are two student worktexts (A and B), each covering about half a year of math work. These worktexts contain all the instruction and the exercises in the same book — which makes lesson preparation a breeze. The worktexts are written directly to the student, and thus they allow many children to teach themselves and to learn directly from the books.

You will also get separate answer keys, chapter tests, additional cumulative reviews (I do recommend you use at least some of them), and a versatile worksheet maker (Internet access required) for those times when your child needs just a bit more practice.

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-A Complete Worktext
183 pages
163 lesson pages

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-B Complete Worktext
180 pages
158 lesson pages

3-A contents and samples
3-B contents and samples
User Guide, grade 3
CCS Alignment / Contents

Prices & ordering

You can purchase Math Mammoth Grade 3 as a download, on a CD, or as already printed books.

Digital version

Grade 3 complete:
USD $42.50 (download)

(the two worktexts, answer keys, tests, cumulative reviews, a worksheet maker, Soft-Pak)

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Part 3-A only:
USD $21.25 (download)

(Everything for the first half of 3rd grade math; includes Soft-Pak)

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Part 3-B only:
USD $21.25 (download)

(Everything for the second half of 3rd grade math; includes Soft-Pak)

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You will be purchasing the downloads from my authorized reseller Comecero, LLC.


The CD contains the same files as the digital download: the two worktexts, answer keys, tests, cumulative reviews, a worksheet maker, Soft-Pak.

Order CD at Rainbow Resource

Printed copies

You can purchase printed copies at Lulu or Rainbow Resource.

Rainbow Resource Center sells perfect-bound texts either with full color or with grayscale interior pages:

Math Mammoth grade 3 (b&w)
Math Mammoth grade 3 (color)

Lulu sells full-color spiral (coil) bound versions of the student books and of the tests & reviews book.

3-A worktext $18.15 USD
3-B worktext $17.95 USD
Tests & Cumulative Reviews $11.95 USD
Answer Keys $11.50 USD
(perfect bound)

Supportive materials (digital)

This product is meant to go with the printed student books, and includes digital versions of the answer keys, tests, cumulative revisions, worksheet maker and software Soft-Pak (USD $9.60).

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Do NOT purchase if you're getting the answer keys and tests & cumulative revisions as printed books, or if you're getting the digital version.

Lesson plan

You can purchase a lesson plan for Math Mammoth Grade 3 to use it in Homeschool Planet online planner. Learn more.

Skills Review Workbook

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3 Skills Review Workbook

This workbook is supplemental, and provides additional practice for the topics in the curriculum. I recommend you only purchase it once you are sure the student does need supplemental practice. Learn more.


  • Math Mammoth focuses on conceptual understanding. It explains the "WHY", so your children can understand the math, not just learn "HOW" to do it.
  • Concepts are often explained with visual models, followed by exercises using those models. These visual models can take the place of manipulatives for many children; however, it is very easy to add corresponding manipulatives to the lessons if so desired.
  • The curriculum is mastery-oriented. This means it concentrates fairly long on a topic, delving into its various aspects. This promotes conceptual understanding, as opposed to spiral curricula that often tend to jump from topic to topic too much.
  • There is a strong emphasis on mental math and number sense.
  • It requires very little teacher preparation, which is a big help to most parents. :)
  • The curriculum has no separate teacher's manual nor is it scripted. The introduction to each chapter has some notes for the teacher concerning the material in the chapter. All the instruction is written directly to the student in the worktext, and there also exist accompanying videos where you can see Maria herself teach the material.
  • After each chapter introduction, you will find a list of Internet links and resources (games, quizzes, animations, etc.) that can be used for fun, illustrations, and further practice.
  • For multiplication tables and division facts, you can use our online practice program (free). Visit the pages for Multiplication Tables Online Practice and Division Facts Online Practice

Additional features for the digital version (download/CD)

  • The chapter on coins (chapter 5) is included in seven currencies: US, Canadian, British, European, Australian, New Zealand, and South African money. You will automatically get all these versions when you buy the digital version of Grade 3 Complete Curriculum (download or CD).
  • The PDF files can be filled in on a computer, phone, or tablet, using the annotation tools found in many PDF apps. Learn more.
  • BONUS! The download or CD version also comes with BONUS Soft-Pak programs. The 6 programs in Soft-Pak (4 math, 1 language arts, 1 list maker) offer both on-screen and printable activities in a low-graphic, high content format. Read more and see screenshots.

"...Weston has been working through the first worktext in the third-grade level, and he has learned multiple strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems.

And believe it or not... he has actually enjoyed learning and practicing new mental math strategies. In fact, I’ve had to learn NOT to offer hints or tips when he is working, because he wants to solve each problem on his own without assistance. (Pretty cool!)
Judy Hoch at Contented At Home blog

Overview of topics

Third grade is a time for learning and mastering two (mostly new) operations: multiplication and division within 100. The student also deepens his understanding of addition and subtraction, and uses those in many different contexts, such as with money, time, and geometry.

The main areas of study in Math Mammoth Grade 3 are:

  1. Students develop an understanding of multiplication and division of whole numbers through problems involving equal-sized groups, arrays, and area models. They learn the relationship between multiplication and division, and solve many word problems involving multiplication and division (chapters 2, 3, and 9). They learn the multiplication tables, and learn how to use their knowledge of multiplication tables to solve basic division facts.
  2. Students develop an understanding of fractions, beginning with unit fractions. They use fractions along with visual fraction models and on a number line. They also compare fractions by using visual fraction models and strategies based on noticing equal numerators or denominators (chapter 10).
  3. Students learn the concepts of area and perimeter. They relate area to multiplication and to addition, recognize perimeter as a linear measure (in contrast with area), and solve problems involving area and perimeter (chapter 7).
  4. Students fluently add and subtract within 1,000, both mentally and in columns (with regrouping). They learn to add and subtract 4-digit numbers, and use addition and subtraction in problem solving (chapters 1 and 6).

Additional topics we study are time (chapter 4), money (chapter 5), measuring (chapter 8), and bar graphs and pictographs (in various chapters).

Please also see the table of contents 3-A and 3-B (in the sample files), which will let you see the topics covered in more detail.

Boy working on math pages


Here is a list of manipulatives that are needed or recommended for grade 3. Measuring tapes, scales, and measuring cups are only used in the measuring chapter.

  1. An old-fashioned alarm clock or other analog clock where you can turn the minute hand and the hour hand will turn as it is supposed to (optional; for 3-A).
  2. A ruler that measures in inches (for 3-B).
  3. A ruler that measures in centimeters (for 3-B).
  4. A measuring tape that measures in feet (for 3-B).
  5. Boy measures water with measuring cup
  6. A measuring tape that measures in meters (for 3-B).
  7. A kitchen scale that measures in ounces (for 3-B).
  8. A kitchen scale that measures in grams (for 3-B).
  9. A measuring cup that measures 1 cup (for 3-B), a pint jar, and a quart jar.
  10. A measuring cup that measures in milliliters (for 3-B).
  11. Fraction manipulatives. The curriculum contains printables to make your own fraction manipulatives. The text uses visual pie models extensively, and students even learn to draw them themselves for the exercises, therefore making or buying the manipulatives is entirely optional (optional; for 3-B).


Lesson plan

We offer a lesson plan for Math Mammoth Grade 3 for the Homeschool Planet online planner. This is available in two versions: regular, and PLUS plan which also includes a PDF file of the plan. Learn more.

Skills Review Workbook

Math Mammoth Skills Review Workbook, Grade 3 provides additional practice for the topics in Math Mammoth Grade 3 curriculum. I recommend you only purchase it once you are sure the student does need supplemental practice. Learn more.

Reviews / Testimonials of the 3rd grade curriculum

Maria, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderfully effective and affordable math curriculum. Last year, I used the light blue series with my 3rd grader in our first and only year of homeschool. This year, she returned to public school and was ranked in the 88th percentile on standardized beginning of the year math testing. What a relief to know Math Mammoth was what she needed to stay on grade level and in step with her peers! She’s come home on several occasions beaming with pride with her success in math at school. Many, many thanks from a grateful mom!!

Hilary E
October 2021
Prior to using Math Mammoth, we had been using Teaching Textbooks for 2 years. Sad to say that those two years left my ten year old pretty behind. I looked at several different programs, but ultimately chose Math Mammoth (MM). The cost was the final tie breaker between this and Singapore. It's been wonderful! I really like the mastery approach as opposed to the spiral approach of Teaching Textbooks (TT). We came from grade 4 from TT but decided to start at grade 3 in MM to relay the foundation for my son and I'm glad we did. It's easily understood(for me), the concepts are easy to teach, and I appreciate the links at the beginning of each chapter for further practice. There were a few sites with games to learn the Roman numerals that really helped us both! Math is not my strong area but we both enjoy this curriculum and there is zero fight to do math every day. I'm honestly feeling more confident in my teaching abilities after using this curriculum for a few months, because it's helping me to better understand certain math concepts as well. I recommend it in any homeschool Facebook group I'm in, whereas I used to recommend TT, because hey, who doesn t love being able to say, "Go do your math!" and let the computer do the work for you? Definitely learned that one the hard way.

- A Gonzalez, Co-op Member
September 2019
Math Mammoth has been very inviting for my son - it provides a lot of guidance on how to do a problem using mental math methods. It provides grids that he can use, which help him know when he should/could write the problem down and show his regrouping work. It eventually weans the kids off of these grids. My son now feels comfortable with the methods, and will tackle a problem mentally if possible, but will readily write it down if necessary. Another advantage is that all of the instruction and worksheets are included in the text. I appreciate that all of the grade levels are included for a very economical price. I ordered this program at the end of our 3rd quarter of 3rd grade, and I have been having my son move quickly through the 3rd grade work to touch on areas where he was weak or cover material he has missed. This leaves us in a good position to start off 4th grade next year. I'll be having my 2nd grader use this program next year as well, and we are looking forward to it!

May 2019
Math Mammoth is working out great for my kids, and me. It isn't as complicated to teach/prep as some other curricula we've tried (Singapore and Saxon), but I really feel it covers everything really well. Kids don't mind doing the worksheets... they mix it up so it doesn't get too boring and tedious. We did the 3rd grade program this year for my at level daughter and 1st grade advanced son. I don't make him do quite as many problems (my 3rd grader does them all) since he has the ability, but not really the patience to do as many. We plan on using the 4th grade program next school year. Buying it through the co-op is an amazing value for such a great program.

- Janet, Co-op Member
March 2018 is the perfect blend of easy and challenging for Mr. C.

It's easy to understand but the lessons still give him a real challenge.

In one lesson Mr. C was working on mental addition of 2 and 3 digit numbers and he loved challenging himself to get the answers quicker and quicker. While some curriculums might simply say "do the problem in your head", Math Mammoth broke the lesson down step by step to give Mr. C different tips and tricks to solve mental addition in easier ways.

Read the full review at This Outnumbered Mama blog.

By Kaylene
September 2016
I spent quite a bit of time researching which Math curriculum to use when I started homeschooling my 3rd and 5th grade kids. This was exactly what I hoped to find when I went looking. The placement test helped confirm which level to use. The material is easy to understand, yet challenging. We all love it and will continue to use it!

E. Allen
Thank you for creating Mammoth Math! It is beautifully and incrementally organized to promote student learning, makes the kids think, has excellent problem solving throughout, and follows the Common Core better than most curricula. All this for a superb price, especially since teachers pay for much of what is provided in their classrooms!

Cheryle Pope
I am no stranger to you now in But I just wanted to tell you how much I love your math cirriculum. I love the natural progression within the topic, the reviews and the cumulative reviews. I love the word problems that make them think and the puzzles too. My boys enjoy working in math and understand that some frustration and mistakes are all part of learning. I appreciate the simple rigor in this program. In the end, their longterm recall memory is great because of the progression and spiraling back with reviews and cumulative tests. It is just right for us.

Thanks again,
This satisfied mom:)

Math Mammoth review by Gingerbread Mommy

Good sampling of problems for the kids to solve without being overwhelming. Instructions are easy to follow. My third grader can read the instructions by herself and work most of the problems with little help from me. We really like the program and for the first time in years both my children (1st & 3rd) beg to continue their math lessons. The only change I would like to see is a little more detail on the instructions and addition of new material.

- archer11101, Co-op Member
I wanted to say that we love Math Mammoth. This is our 3rd year (3rd grade) and our daughter always enjoys math. It amazes me that she learns the new concepts so easily by just following the workbooks. We don't supplement with anything other than reinforcing the lessons through real life situations.

Margaret Glisson
I have enjoyed teaching my daughter from Math Mammoth this year. I can see considerable progress in her math comprehension and her confidence. Thank you very much for sharing with us your math style and offering it at such a great price!

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to create such a thorough, yet affordable, math program.

My husband and I have engineering degrees and our children have logical minds so we feel pretty strong in teaching math. Well, we started off and hung in with Saxon because it reminded us of how we learned math. Our oldest son became confused and our middle daughter "got it" but absolutely hated it, when previously she was doing math workbooks for fun.

I tried your free worksheets for lack of something better to do and could see how you give them a small chunk of new material per day, then build on it until they master it. This works perfectly with my son's learning style, and my daughter mentioned, "I like how this lady starts off easy then makes it harder. Her word problems are interesting."

I tell anyone who asks how much I like the program. It is rigorous, not dumbed down, but not overwhelming, and a good value for the money.

I hope you are seeing increased business and keep up the great work! Also, the You Tube videos are cool. It would be great to have one for all of your chapters.

Denise, Colorado Springs
I started using Math Mammoth with my daughter with whom I had been using Singapore. I got frustrated trying to coordinate the HIG with the text and the workbook and the textbook didn't have enough explanation for her. She is doing very well filling in some gaps with Math Mammoth now and is now starting to understand some concepts that weren't clear to her before. I'm impressed with how well it is working especially since we've only been using it a couple of weeks.
Dear Mrs. Miller,

Hello! I wanted to let you know that I ordered the Light Blue Series 3rd Grade and we've only used it about 4 days but my daughter is really starting to "get" math. She was using BJU and I absolutely love all of BJU's materials, however, the spiral approach to learning math just wasn't working with my oldest daughter. There wasn't enough repetition and the material seemed to only touch on the topics briefly before moving on. I was a bit behind on grading papers this semester and I noticed as I started grading tests and papers that she was really making some horrible mistakes in addition and subtraction. I looked at her and said "tell me what 5 + 3 is" and she held up her fingers counting them one by one and had to think about it a long time. I was mortified! Especially since my husband and I are both skilled in math more than just about any other subject. We started going through the lessons, and both of us cried many tears the first few days, but when she picked up on the "mental math" it all started to make sense to her. It was as if a light bulb came on! She has done well with math up until this point and so it really surprised me that she just wasn't getting it. I'm really excited about using your curriculum and hopefully she'll gain a much deeper understanding of math rather than having to use her fingers to add and subtract all the time. I'm glad I found you on the internet!

Amy from Oklahoma
From a homeschooling parent who has used Grade 3 Complete Worktext with a 10-year old fourth grader:

My favorite feature is the printable worksheets on specific topics. My daughter has struggled with confidence, but after a week of targeted worksheets, she knows that she can do it! Now for subtraction with borrowing from zero...

Vicky Schwartz
From a homeschooling parent who has used Grade 3 Complete Worktext with a third grader:

You asked how we liked your program.... Well, just to give you a little history... I found out about your math curriculum through Winter Promise and after looking at the samples from your site as well as ordering one of your small topic e-books, I went ahead & ordered the 3rd grade Lightblue curriculum from Winter Promise. Math is probably the least favorite subject for my daughter & we were having a real struggle with the program we were using before. Even though the program was colorful & looked interesting, it did not seem to explain the concepts behind the math facts. As soon as we switched to the Lightblue curriculum, I noticed an improvement in her attitude towards math. Also, I've noticed that she's been able to retain the information she's learning much better. I'm not sure if that's because we switched from a spiral approach to a mastery approach, but I'm sure that has something to do with it. :) On top of that, we just got her CAT test scores back a couple of weeks ago, and in math she scored in the 98th percentile with a perfect score! We also had her tested one on one with her evaluator and she scored in the 87th percentile with a grade equivalent of 5.1. So, as you can see, we are very happy with your program. :)

Tracy Homa
From a homeschooling parent who has used Grade 3 Complete Worktext with a third grader:

My daughter was in Saxon math but she was having difficulty learning new concepts and the teacher's book was just too much to sift through and I found it really didn't help much anyways. I switched to the Lightblue series grade 3 about a month ago and use it as our only math curriculum.

Please describe how you have liked the ebooks.
We really love it. I loved the helps on memorizing the multiplication table and within a couple of days my daughter had her 2's down. It is so nice to have the text with the workbook... my daughter really understands each concept as she does her problems. What used to take at least an hour to complete, she now does in 20 minutes. She recently completed her chapter 2 test and only missed one problem... but when I had her look at it again she realized what she did wrong... now that's what I call total comprehension! Thank you for created this series. I'm definitely going to order the grade 4 curriculum.

I wouldn't change a thing. Honestly. In my family we've done Lifepac, BJU, and Saxon and this is by far the best I've found.

Michelle Hall

How and where to order

You can buy Math Mammoth books at:

  • Here at website — simply use the "Add to cart" buttons you see on the product pages.
  • Rainbow Resource carries printed copies for the Light Blue series books, plus several CDs (Light Blue and Blue series).
  • Homeschool Buyers Club offers download versions of the Light Blue series, plus the Blue series bundle.
  • Homeschool Planet sells the digital versions of the main curriculum and lesson plans to go with them.
  • K5 Learning offers download versions of the Blue series.
  • TPT sells the Light Blue Series downloads, plus topical units.
  • Lulu sells printed copies for most of the Math Mammoth materials (various series).

By purchasing any of the books, permission IS granted for the teacher (or parent) to reproduce this material to be used with his/her students in a teaching situation; not for commercial resale. However, you are not permitted to share the material with another teacher.

In other words, you are permitted to make copies for the students/children you are teaching, but not for other teachers' usage.

Math Mammoth books are PDF files. I recommend you use Adobe Reader to view them, including if you use a Mac. You can try other PDF viewers, but they may at times either omit or mess up some of the images.

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