Measuring and measurement units — free video lessons

This is a collection of videos that help children learn about measuring and the different measurement units. Please choose a topic from the list below.


Measuring length: whole inches — grade 1

Measuring length to the nearest half-inch — grade 2

Measuring to the nearest quarter inch — grade 3

Measuring length — whole centimeters — grade 1

Measure length to the nearest centimeter — grade 2

Meters and kilometers — grade 2

Feet, yards, and miles — grade 3

Common metric units of length — grade 3

Weight (mass)

Reading a scale in pounds — grade 2

Pounds and ounces (on a kitchen scale) — grade 3

Grams and kilograms on a kitchen scale — grade 3


Cups, pints, quarts, and gallons — grade 3

Milliliters and liters — grade 3

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