Lessons on integers: solved examples

In this pre-algebra/grade 7 math lesson, I solve a variety of integer problems:

  1. Find the average of temperatures (some positive, some negative),
  2. A few integer arithmetic problems,
  3. An example of someone earning and spending money - what is the final balance? I solve this by writing an addition/subtraction expression, and then changing it into an addition of several integers.

In the second part of the lesson, we start out with two tricky TRUE/FALSE questions:

  1. Integers less than 5 have an absolute value less than 5. True or false?
  2. A number and its opposite have the same absolute value. True or false?

Lastly, I solve a problem where we enlarge a triangle by using the scale factor of 3. The three vertices of the triangle are at the points (−1, −2), (1, −1), and (0, 1) in the coordinate grid. Then we multiply all those coordinates by 3 to get a new, bigger triangle that is similar to the original.

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