2-by-2 and 2-by-3 digit multiplication, plus a word problem (5th grade math

I go through two examples: how to do a 2-by-2 digit multiplication, and how to do a 3-by-2 digit multiplication. In both cases, we need to write a ZERO in the second line of the solution. Why? Because in reality, we're multiplying by a multiple of ten, such as by 30 or by 50. Any number multiplied by 20, 30, 40, etc. will end in a zero.

Lastly, we solve a word problem by Mathy!

A bag of frozen blueberries costs $4.37. Mathy (my mammoth mascot) buys 15 of them. Also, there is a $0.15 discount per bag. Find his total cost. Mathy is pretty hungry!

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