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Long division with a two-digit divisor - 5th grade math

Long division process is the same, whether the divisor has one or two digits, BUT with two-digit divisors, it helps to build a multiplication table (or list of multiples) of the divisor before starting the division.

In this lesson, we start out by a division by 20, which makes it easy, since the multiplication table of 20 is so similar to the table of 2. The next example has the divisor of 60 — still very easy. Then we go on to two examples with harder divisors, and I write a list of multiples of the divisor to help us out.

Lastly, we tackle a measurement unit conversion problem: how to convert ounces into pounds and ounces. Since there are 16 ounces in a pound, this means dividing by 16. In the end, we have a remainder, which is in ounces.

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