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Word problems involving fractions (6th grade math)

The first word problem in this series is: how many 3 ¾ inch pieces of ribbon can you cut out of 3 ft 2 in of ribbon?

Ultimately this is about fraction division, but we first have to make sure our quantities have the same unit (inches).

The next word problem says: "Dad pays 3/10 of his paycheck in taxes. Of what is left, he uses 1/5 for a loan payment. How much is left after those two?"

Since this involves fractional parts — and two different ones — it is very helpful to use a bar model or diagram to solve this problem.

This third word problem with a fractional part is easily solved with the help of a bar model.

In the last problem, we're given the aspect ratio of a rectangle as being 5:3, and its perimeter as 4 inches. The task is to find the side lengths and the area. This involves fraction division and multiplication.

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