Division of fractions: concept and applications (6th grade math)

I review the shortcut for fraction division with one problem, and then we look at a few connecting concepts:

  • how sometimes a visual model can help us solve a fraction division problem – it essentially becomes mental math (1/3 ÷ 3)
  • again, how simple logical reasoning can help us solve 4 ÷ (1/8)
  • how multiplication can SOMETIMES be used to solve division problems. This of course doesn't usually work, but students need to be WELL aware of the connection between multiplication and division, so I included two examples just to refresh that thought in their minds.

In the second part we tackle a problem about the area of a rectangle, with fractional side lengths and area. Since area is found by multiplying the side lengths, to solve for an unknown SIDE, we have to use division of fractions.

Then, I solve a simple multiplication equation that involves fractions - which naturally is solved by fraction division.

Lastly we look at serving size problems... how many 1/2 cup servings of yogurt can you get out of so much yogurt? This is solved with division.

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