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Convert metric units of measurement - several methods (6th grade math)

First I show a table of the prefixes for the metric units from milli through kilo, and we practice converting derived units (units with prefixes) to the basic unit, such as milligrams to grams or hectoliters to liters. We also do this the other way around: from basic unit to a derived.

Next, I show a neat tool for metric unit conversions: a measurement unit table/chart that is similar to place value chart. We write a measurement in it, and then, in order to convert it to a different unit, all you need to do is move the decimal point within the chart.

Next, we practice conversions with the "usual" method of multiplying or dividing the quantity by a power of ten.

And lastly, there is one word problem to solve... involving hectoliters and deciliters of tomato sauce.

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