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Math Mammoth Grade 2, South African Version

Math Mammoth Grade 2, South African Version is a complete maths program for 2nd grade. It consists of two student worktexts (A and B), a separate answer key for each workext, tests, mixed revisions, and an additional worksheet maker (Internet access required) to make extra practice worksheets when needed.

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2-A contents and samples
2-B contents and samples
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Grade 2 full set: USD $42.50

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Includes part A and B worktexts, answer keys, tests, mixed revisions, a worksheet maker, and Soft-Pak.

You will be purchasing the download from my authorized reseller Comecero, LLC.

At the heart of the curriculum are two student worktexts (A and B), each covering about half a year of math work. These worktexts contain all the instruction and the exercises in the same book — which makes lesson preparation a breeze. The worktexts are written directly to the student, and thus they allow many children (if they can read) to teach themselves and to learn directly from the books.

You will also get separate answer keys, chapter tests, additional cumulative reviews (I do recommend you use at least some of them), and a versatile worksheet maker (Internet access required) for those times when your child needs just a bit more practice.

girl doing a page from Math Mammoth


  • Math Mammoth focuses on conceptual understanding. It explains the "WHY", so your children can understand the math, not just learn "HOW" to do it.
  • Concepts are often explained with visual models, followed by exercises using those models. These visual models can take the place of manipulatives for many children; however, it is very easy to add corresponding manipulatives to the lessons if so desired.
  • The curriculum is mastery-oriented. This means it concentrates fairly long on a topic, delving into its various aspects. This promotes conceptual understanding, as opposed to spiral curricula that often tend to jump from topic to topic too much.
  • There is a strong emphasis on mental maths and number sense.
  • It requires very little teacher preparation, which is a big benefit to most teachers and parents. :)
  • The curriculum has no separate teacher's manual nor is it scripted. The introduction to each chapter has some notes for the teacher concerning the material in the chapter. All the instruction is written directly to the student in the worktext, and there also exist accompanying videos where you can see Maria herself teach the material.
  • After each chapter introduction, you will find a list of Internet links and resources (games, quizzes, animations, etc.) that can be used for fun, illustrations, and further practice.
  • For addition and subtraction facts, you can use our online practice program (free). Visit the pages for Single-digit Addition Facts online practice and Fact Families online practice

Additional features for the digital version (download)

  • The PDF files can be filled in on a computer, phone, or tablet, using the annotation tools found in many PDF apps. Learn more.
  • BONUS! The digital download also comes with BONUS Soft-Pak programs. The 6 programs in Soft-Pak (4 math, 1 language arts, 1 list maker) offer both on-screen and printable activities in a low-graphic, high content format. Read more and see screenshots.

Overview of topics

The main areas of study in grade 2 curriculum are:

  1. Understanding of the base-ten system within 0-1000. This includes place value with three-digit numbers, skip- counting in fives, tens, and multiples of hundreds, tens, and ones (within 0-1000). (chapters 6 and 8);
  2. Develop fluency with addition and subtraction within 0-100, including solving word problems, regrouping in addition, and regrouping in subtraction (chapters 1, 3, 4, and 8);
  3. Using standard units of measure (chapter 7);
  4. Describing and analyzing shapes (chapter 5).

Additional topics we study are time/clock (chapter 2), money (chapter 9), introduction to multiplication (chapter 10), and bar graphs and picture graphs (in various chapters).

Please also see the table of contents for 2-A and 2-B (in the sample files), which will let you see the topics covered in more detail.

South Africa

Math Mammoth South African version has been customised to South Africa in the following manners:

  • The names used are South African names (such as Ansie and Jali).
  • The currency used in word problems is rand. The money chapter teaches both rand and cents.
  • The material is "all metric". In other words, the US customary measuring units are not used.
  • Spelling is British English instead of American English.
  • Paper size is A4.
  • Geographic locations used emphasise South African locations (such as Pretoria, Johannesburg).

Please note that the curriculum is not following the South African official syllabus for 2nd grade maths. Instead, it simply is a copy of the US version of Math Mammoth Grade 2. For the most part, Math Mammoth exceeds South African standards. Some standards may not be covered.

Skills Review Workbook

Math Mammoth Skills Review Workbook, Grade 2 provides additional practice for the topics in Math Mammoth Grade 2 curriculum. I recommend you only purchase it once you are sure the student does need supplemental practice. Learn more.


Here is a list of manipulatives that are needed or recommended for grade 2:

  1. A non-digital clock or other analog clock where you can turn the minute hand and the hour hand will turn accordingly (for 2-A).
  2. A ruler that measures in centimeters (for 2-B).
  3. A bathroom scale that weighs in kilograms (for 2-B).
  4. Base ten blocks to illustrate place value with hundreds (optional). The worktexts have pictures that are just like base-ten blocks, and most children can understand the concepts from the visual representation, without a physical manipulative; however for some children the actual blocks can be beneficial (for 2-B).
  5. A 100-bead abacus (optional)
    Please read more about the 100-bead abacus on the FAQ page.

Reviews / Testimonials

Math Mammoth Grade 2 review by MamaSweetBaby

Last school year I started noticing my oldest child (end of 2nd grade) had some math skills gaps that were making her hate math. I decided to find a mastery curriculum with spiral to start back from the beginning with her to overcome this problem. I bought level 1 on my own and we worked through it fairly quickly as a review. I was so happy with it that I had decided to buy level 2, so when I stumbled on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op deal for all the levels I was THRILLED. I plan to continue using our hands-on math approach (Gattegno) for a different type of understanding; however, this open and go has become our daily math that I will use not only with my oldest child but plan to print again for my younger two. I love that it is a worktext so that she can learn and practice all at the same time without distractions of multiple books/moving parts. It is an affordable and super high-quality curriculum that I researched thoroughly before purchasing. Not only is the curriculum itself wonderful, but there are so many other resources included I haven't even fully explored yet. I also love that ideas for engaging games with cards etc are included to practice new skills in each chapter. It s just a really thorough curriculum with a ton of thought put into meeting a child and helping them succeed and overcome math stumbling blocks. My daughter especially feels proud of herself when she s able to successfully complete the Puzzle Corner challenges using new skills.

- Sarah F., Co-op Member
I am so glad we switched from Singapore to Math Mammoth! My daughter struggled through Singapore 1a and 1b and was often frustrated and confused and I didn't know how to help her. We switched to Math Mammoth at level 2a and she is working harder and more independently with less frustration! I can see her confidence and math abilities growing immensely! We are almost through 2a and her attitude towards math has changed as well. Instead of hating it and feeling dumb, she says that she's actually starting to like math. She loves Maria's videos and wishes she could meet her in person! Thank you, Maria!

We love this math program! My son was really struggling in math. We have tried two other programs but he would get frustrated. I am able to do a quick minilesson with lots of practice, reinforced by videos and additional teaching resources. No extra manipulatives needed, but they are very helpful. So far (in level 2) we have used 1's, 10's and 100's cubes as well as a clock. I love that we could buy the whole series and print out what we need. I can use this material for my different children and save money. I can push my son to complete multiple pages if he is understanding the concept or I can give further instruction and slow down our pace. I highly recommend this program.

- Liz P., Co-op Member
This is an awesome text! My kids are able to move through very smoothly. They have even gotten the confidence to work on the material (1st and 2nd grade) without my assistance. I have used another mastery type math program previously, but my kids became bored. Math Mammoth has kept their attention from day one, even when they have come across something they don't understand they have a motivation to keep trying. I have been so happy about this program that I purchased the Light Blue bundle CD from grade 1 to 7, and I have also made mention of it on Homemakingwithgrace.com on the post about the 2017-2018 curricula. I feel that this program is great for many learning styles, and is wonderful if you are trying to develop students that are self-motivated.

Kym Ely, Co-op Member

After reading through and testing out the second grade Math Mammoth curriculum, I can say with confidence that it is clear she is a math teacher who understands math and how to teach it.

The curriculum is rigorous, and I can tell that the goal is to explain math in a conceptual way, rather than merely memorization of facts.
While I am a fan of Singapore math, I can definitely see how it would be difficult for the average parent (who doesn't have a math teaching degree) to pick up and use. (There are no instructions or explanations in the textbooks.)

Math Mammoth, on the other hand, provides lots of help and support for parents who can do math, but don't necessarily know how to teach the why behind it.

Read the full review at MathGeekMama blog.

Bethany Lake

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