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Math Mammoth download help page

Here are things you need to do in order to download the products:

1. DOWNLOAD and SAVE the file(s) on your device.

Once you click on the download link(s), you may see a dialog box asking you to choose "SAVE" or "OPEN". Choose "save". It is also possible that your browser will automatically start the download and it will go into your default downloads folder.

Please make a backup copy or two of the files, on a flash drive (memory stick), cloud storage, hard drive, or another device of yours! This is IMPORTANT. Several people email us weekly (usually it's someone or someones every day) because they lost their Math Mammoth files. Usually this is because of a computer crash or backup drive failure, but some other reasons include: "My ex has it now", "The laptop got stolen", "The computer burnt in a house fire", etc., so just about anything can happen).

If you DO lose the files... and you have ordered a digital product here at the MathMammoth.com website, you can go here to generate yourself a new download link.


The worksheets and pages inside the zip files are PDF files, and will work in any operating system. They will probably open correctly in your device's default PDF viewer, but if not, I recommend Acrobat Reader to view them. In particular, if you use a Mac, the default PDF viewer for Mac may not render my books correctly (images may be missing/look strange), and in such a case you will need to use Acrobat Reader.

You can download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here: https://get.adobe.com/reader


Help dealing with Zip files

The zip file is like a package. You need to extract the ebook files from inside it. This is also called "unzipping".

To do that, you need an app that can handle zip files. This is provided by default on most operating systems, but if you're on a phone, you may need to first install an app for zip files.

Once the file is fully downloaded to your device, go find it in the folder you saved it in, and RIGHT-click it. You should see the option "extract" – choose that.

If your computer lacks a zip utility program, you can download a free zip program at http://www.7-zip.org/. For phones/tablets, search your app store for a zip app.

Problem with a corrupt zip file

The message about a "corrupt" or "invalid" zip file usually means that the download was incomplete. Simply download again. People with slow Internet connections may not be able to download the files at all. If you have dial-up Internet, consider downloading at a friend's house, at library, Internet cafe, or other such place.

Note also:

  • Do NOT try to "OPEN" the zip file from your Internet browser. After you click on the download link, you need to choose "SAVE" first.
  • Do not try to open the zip files using some other program such as MS Word or Movie Maker. Only zip programs will work for this.


Problem: (on Mac) Some graphics do not show up. Or, many of the pages have black rectangles or boxes.

Solution: Do NOT open Math Mammoth PDFs in Mac's native PDF previewer at all. Instead, download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac from this link, and open the PDFs in it.

If you already opened the PDFs in Mac's Previewer, and then you opened them in Adonbe Reader, and the black boxes persist, you will need to delete the PDF files, redownload them, and then avoid opening them in Mac's Preview program.

Problem: Printer refuses to print some pages and gives a "spooling" error message.

Solution: Try the option "print to image" if your printer has that. It's also possible you may need to contact your printer company to resolve this issue. As a last resort, contact us and we can email you those pages as jpg files.

Avast Problem: Avast stops the download of a zip file.

Solution: Turn Avast off temporarily by right clicking on the Avast icon in the tray at bottom right. This is a false positive - it is not a real threat. In other words, Avast is in error. Avast thinks that a part in the Soft-Pak bonus software contains a virus, but it does not... it has been screened by other anti-virus programs and comes out perfectly clean. Even Avast, when used to scan the Soft-Pak after downloading with the Avast shield off, shows Soft-Pak to be clean.


If you have any other problems with the download or opening the files, please contact us at MathMammoth.com/contact.php.

Remember to add the domain MathMammoth.com to your email program's 'white list', if applicable.


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