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Skip-count in a 100-chart
Online practice for grades K-2

In this activity, you fill in five numbers on a 100-chart in a specific skip-counting pattern. This helps students understand what skip-counting is, and to see different patterns that skip-counting forms on a 100-chart. Indirectly this can also help them understand place value.

The options allow you to change the starting and ending number of the grid. The default is the 100-chart from 1-100 but you can change it, say, from 101 to 200, or to even be in the negative numbers. :)

You can also choose the percentage of numbers that are already pre-filled in the chart. This makes the skip-counting easier or more challenging.

See also our 100-chart game Give the Cat a Mouse.

If you're on a computer, you can press the Tab key inside a yellow box to move to the next number.

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Screenshot of someone doing a round

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