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Fruity Math
Online math practice game for grades K-6

Practice and test your addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills with this fun game! Click the fruit with the correct answer and try to get as many points as you can in the allotted time.

You can customize the practice session by choosing "Manual", and then setting the types of numbers used in the problems (whole numbers, integers, multiples of ten, multiples of 100, decimals). Or, click "Levels", and the game will automatically bump you to the next level of difficulty after your round ends. See how many points you can get as you go through all the levels!

First addend:
Second addend:

First factor:
Second factor:

Screenshot from the game:

Level 1
Points: 0
Continuing to Level 2 (Single-digit addition within 18) in 5 seconds!
You scored:

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