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Shopping Game
Online practice for K-3rd grade

Practice making money amounts with coins and bills (banknotes) in this online game! You're shown an item to buy, and you click on coins/bills to make that exact amount. The game will help children learn to count and to work with coins and bills.

You can choose the maximum for the price of the items, allowing you to make the activity easier or more difficult.

The game is available in these currencies: U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Euros, British pound/pence, Indian rupees, South African rand, New Zealand dollar, Chinese yuan, Singapore dollar, and Bahraini dinar.

The quick link generator allows you to make a link to the game with specific options already pre-selected. This link is then really handy to share with students.

* We don't have images of the reverse side of all coins/banknotes for every currency. When there is no reverse side, it will default to the obverse.

Screenshots from the game:

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