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Rounding Whole Numbers & Decimals
Online practice for grades 1-6

On this page, you can practice rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten, nearest hundred, nearest thousand, and so on. You can use this online practice for all elementary grades (grades 1-6).

This free, online practice program can also be installed offline as an app in your phone or tablet, depending on your browser and operating system. To install it, click on the "Add to home screen" button at the bottom of the page. On Android Chrome, click on the three dots, and then "Add to home screen". If you don't see the button or the "Add to home screen" option, then you probably cannot install this app in your browser.

Use these quick links for some common options for rounding practice for different grade levels.

1st and 2nd grades: round to the nearest ten, within 0-100

3rd grade: round to the nearest ten and nearest hundred, within 0-1,000

3rd grade: round to the nearest thousand, within 0-10,000

4th grade: round to any place, within 0-1,000,000

5th grade: round to any place, within 0-1,000,000,000

5th grade: round decimals (up to 3 decimal digits)

6th grade: round decimals (up to 6 decimal digits)

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