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Decimals Bingo Game
Online practice for 6th-9th grade math

Practice basic operations with decimals (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) with this fun online bingo game!

You are given decimal problems. Simply click on the right answer in the grid, and it will be colored green. Once you get five in a row, a column, or diagonally, and bingo, you win!

You can choose from addition, subtraction, addition & subtraction, multiplication, or division. All options use decimal numbers with up to three decimal digits. Multiplication has problems that can be done with mental math, such as 0.2 × 0.4 or 0.03 × 0.8. The division option includes decimal division problems with either a whole-number answer or a whole-number divisor, so they can be done, again, with mental math.

The game has both a single-player and multi-player mode. In the single-player, you just play the game by yourself until you win. If you play multi-player, you can play with someone else online, and whoever gets 5 in a row first wins!

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