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Make Multiplications Card Game

(grades 3-6)

Make multiplication sentences from the cards in your hand and on the table in this fun game, and try to beat the computer!

You and computer both will be dealt four cards. There are also four cards on the table. Choose any cards from your hand and from the table to form a true multiplication sentence, such as 3 × 4 = 12 or 21 × 6 = 126, or 0 × 45 = 0, or anything.

The cards you use to make your multiplication sentence will become yours. At the end of the game, the winner will be the one with the most cards collected.

The only rule is, you MUST use at least ONE card from the table. (And of course your multiplication has to be true.)

Once you finish your multiplication sentence, there will be more cards dealt to the table and to your hand, and it will be computer's turn.

If you cannot go, you can pass. If neither you nor the computer can go, there will be a new card dealt to the table.

Note: The "GENIUS" level computer will make multi-digit multiplication sentences such as 62 × 75 = 4650. We recommend you start out with the "DUMB" computer and try to beat that!

Screenshot of someone doing a round

Computer's cards:
Backside of a number card
Your cards:
Your cards: 0         Computer's cards: 0
Make your multiplication sentence below:

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