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Function Builder
Function machine activity for grades 5-8

Observe and experiment with linear functions in action with this interactive function machine.

This activity has four modes. In each mode, you can hide the function by using the "blind" button. This is useful for a teacher in a demonstration. Students can also experiment on their own and learn the basic fact of how a function takes each input and produces one output.

  • Patterns: Put an image through the function machine and see how it is transformed by the function ("transformation") you choose.
  • Numbers: Choose one or two operations to be applied. Put a number through the function machine and see how it is changed.
  • Equations: Very similar to the "Numbers" mode but you can use up to three operations.
  • Mystery: Choose a function with 1-3 math operations. Put numbers through the machine, and figure out what the operations are.

Credit: This activity is created by PhET

Screenshots from the game and activity:

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