Maria Miller Hello! And welcome to the new year 2019!
  1. Math Mammoth news
  2. What's in the name "Math Mammoth", plus games
  3. Game for factors and multiples (grades 4-12)
  4. Extra math materials
  5. 2019 Mathematics Game
  6. 😀 "Home School" "Word Problem" 😀

1. Math Mammoth news

  • ENDING on January 14! Homeschool Buyers Co-op is running a ONE-WEEK sale for 40% off for the large Math Mammoth bundles.
  • Advance notice... I will run a sale later in January. :)
  • Someone wrote concerning problems with the MEASUREMENT exercises in Math Mammoth materials:
    We've had some issues with the geometry measurements in the Light Blue Series chapters in grades 3 and 4 being off by a bit. The answer key says the correct answer is one measurement but the kids get another, and when I measure it myself, I get the same answer as they did. Have others had this same issue? Can you think of any fixes?
    Yes, I have a suggestion. When you print, make sure the printer is set to print at 100%, NOT "shrink to fit" or "fit" or similar. The settings that make it "fit" on the page are such that the printer shrinks everything a little bit.

    I hope that helps! If not.... of course, go by what you get as measurements, not by the answer key, if the answer key doesn't seem to agree with your own measurements. The discrepancies do have to do with the printing process... in particular, the scaling that the printer usually does automatically unless we specify to print at 100%.)

2. Looking back: Ten years ago

Some highlights from 10 years ago...
  1. In my January 2009 newsletter, I explained what's in the name Math Mammoth in this manner:
    An ancient Math Mammoth text :)

    Well, folks, you might be in for a surprise, but when I was thinking what to name my math program.... You know, first of all, English isn't my native language. Secondly, I'm not super creative when it comes to naming math programs 😁.

    I chose "mammoth" because it sort of rhymes with "math". I thought people would be able to REMEMBER it easily! You know, let's say a person stumbles on my website, and days later they try to remember what was it called? Maybe, just maybe, the woolly animal would have made a connection, even if an amusing one, in their mind.

    So there you have it. There are no hidden implications. It's not ancient math, nor "humongous" in any sense. The math in "Math Mammoth" is pretty normal and logical.
  2. I also featured this Kendoku game... and I STILL like it! 😄
  3. Another link in my old newsletter (that still works) was this one: 50 Fun, Free Web Games to Make Your Brain Smarter, Faster, Sharper. It lists memory games, crossword puzzles, brain teasers, word games, and more.

3. Game for factors and multiples

Here's a nice thinking-type game to practice factors & multiples from

Besides playing it as a two-person game, you can play it yourself. Just try to make as long a chain of numbers as possible!😀

Tablet version available here.

4. Extra math materials

This past Tuesday, I got flooded with customer questions so school must be in full swing. 😊

Several of them had to do with resources/extra materials for this and that, so I thought I'd list a few ways how you can provide extra practice.

A lot of this is from this section of my FAQ.

  • The Light Blue series curriculum comes with a worksheet maker. If you don't have that, you can also get the worksheets made here ... it just has ads there.
  • You can of course find free printable worksheets on the Internet for just about any math topic... just search for "worksheets (topic x)" and most likely you will find.
  • You can use the Math Mammoth materials in a somewhat spiral manner by assigning (initially) only 1/2 of the problems or so. Then assign some of the rest later on.
  • We offer supplemental skills review workbooks (currently for grades 1-5)
  • Those using the BLUE series could consider these review workbooks for additional work. (The material in them is taken from the Light Blue series tests and mixed reviews.)
  • There's also the possibility of using the GOLDEN series worksheets. Some of the content is duplicate with Blue/Light Blue though (for historical reasons).

HOWEVER... keep in mind that for many children, the Light Blue series in itself is SUFFICIENT, and there's no need to add supplemental practice.

Hope this helps some!

5. 2019 Mathematics Game

2019 Mathematics Game is here!
Have fun!

The basic rule is: Use the digits in the year 2019 to write mathematical expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100. The goal is adjustable: Young children can start with looking for 1-10, middle grades with 1-25.

For example:
39 = 20 + 19
19 = 2 × 0 + 19
18 = 9 × 2 + 0 × 1.

Our family has enjoyed this game for several years... everyone (of all ages) can participate and use their thinking caps. 😉

6. Home School Word Problem

Go see this... once again, I don't want to post the image here because of copyright but it's pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh.😅

Home School Word Problem

Thanks for reading! :)

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Till next time,
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