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  2. Math Mammoth as a spiral curriculum...?
  3. Clarifications concerning the 8th grade curriculum
  4. Geometric transformations — online practice (grades 8, 11)
  5. Using Math Mammoth in tutoring
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1. Math Mammoth news

The 2023 edition for our INTERNATIONAL version is now available.
Contents and samples:
Grade 5-A samples
Grade 5-B samples

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My Spanish site has two new books:
  • Mamut Matemáticas Geometría 4
  • Mamut Matemáticas Introducción a las funciones.
  • A recent testimonial... ☺️
    Just want to say thank you! I've been homeschooling for 9 years and I'm going to switch my youngest son (5th grade) to Math Mammoth from Singapore Primary Mathematics 2022. I think he will thrive on the text being addressed to the student rather than my attempts at scripted lessons because math is not my strong suit! I appreciate all the details on your website. I watched some of your teaching videos and my son will enjoy not being "babied" as he feels he is with videos we watched with Singapore. I can tell you are passionate about teaching math and providing excellent curriculum. THANK YOU!! Wish I had found you sooner!!

    Sales info:
    • My traditional August sale for the digital versions at is just around the corner! I will send a separate email about it, soon.
    • Rainbow Resource Center will run a sale for MM printed books from 8/29-9/4.
    • Lulu runs promotions constantly; subscribe to their newsletter to find out about them. Right now, through August 11, you get 15% off of all print books at Lulu with code SUMMER15. Find links to printed Math Mammoth books at Lulu at the product pages at of Or, go directly to and search.

    2. Math Mammoth as a spiral curriculum...?

    Mathy the mascot on a boy's shoulder
    Math Mammoth is definitely a mastery-based curriculum, but did you know you CAN use Math Mammoth in a spiral manner?

    This method can be very helpful to some children!

    Someone wrote in recently and asked, "Would you be able to give me an example of 'spiral manner'? How would I apply studying 2-3 chapters simultaneously?"

    It could be done in various ways. Let's use (imaginary) chapter 2 and chapter 4 as examples.

    One way is, the child could study one week in chapter 2, next week in chapter 4, then again in chapter 2, and thus alternating.

    Another way is, the child could study 3 days in chapter 2, then 2-3 days in chapter 4, and alternating that way. Or maybe even switching every other day. You would want to try it and see how it goes. But this is the basic idea.

    The benefit is, spiraling like this can help a child remember the concepts better, because it takes them a longer period overall to get through any one topic. But it won't fit all children. Check and see!

    3. Clarifications concerning the 8th grade curriculum

    book cover
    Questions keep coming in, so I will try to clarify some things.

    — Will Grade 8 be a complete curriculum like the previous grades? (Light Blue Series)

    Yes, grade 8 will be a complete curriculum and cover all the topics for that grade. It includes chapter tests, cumulative reviews, and a worksheet maker just like the other grade levels.

    — Will 8-B be available before next semester?

    Yes. I'm aiming for the end of this calendar year.

    — My question is: after the upcoming changes to MM7, will a student still be able to take Algebra 1 rather than MM8? Or should I purchase MM7 now, while this version is still available?

    Yes, a student will still be able to take algebra 1 after MM7, even after I make revisions in it.

    Hope this helps!

    4. Geometric transformations — online practice

    Interactive practice for geometric transformations - now at Math Mammoth Practice.

    Practice translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations in the coordinate grid with these interactive exercises!

    Calculator buttons

    In each exercise, you are shown a shape to transform, and another shape that you can manipulate. Drag the points of this shape one by one to transform the shape. You can also drag the entire shape if you grab it from the middle.

    This goes along with our new 8th grade curriculum (currently only 8-A, the first half of 8th grade). The geometry chapter in it focuses on geometric transformations (reflections, rotations, translations, dilations).

    Don't forget to check out all the other online games and exercises we have, also!

    5. Using Math Mammoth in tutoring

    Are you a tutor? Or considering tutoring as a side job? We sometimes get questions about licensing MM materials for tutoring purposes, such as on Outschool.

    The default licensing grants permission for the purchaser (teacher/parent) to reproduce the material to be used with his/her STUDENTS in a teaching situation; not for commercial resale. However, you are not permitted to share the material with another teacher.

    So, if you want to tutor some other student (not your child), all you need to do is purchase the book you want. No need for special licensing. Schools and tutoring centers that employ several teachers need to purchase a license separately.

    6. Just for fun!

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