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Spring is here and it's time for another set of Maria's Math tips.😀

  1. Math Mammoth news & sales
  2. Area Maze game (grades 3-4)
  3. A homeschool lesson with us
  4. New at MM practice (grades K-4)
  5. The first 1000 numbers versus chips
  6. Just for fun!

1. Math Mammoth news

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) will run a Special Spring Sale from April 6-7. You can get my products at TPT at 25% off! Use code FORYOU21. Check out my TPT store here.

LULU is having another sale (they are running a sale nearly all the time). You can get 15% off with the code INSPIRE15. Offer valid through April 9.

Follow links to Lulu from the product pages of or search for Math Mammoth at

Also... I will run a sale at the website in MAY.

Someone wrote in early March and didn't provide their name nor email address. So sadly, I cannot answer their question. πŸ™

I'll post it here though in case, by chance, they will read it.

In the summer of 2020 I read much about your program and decided to put all of my children in your program for the 20/21 school year. I understand about the placement tests and used those to decide what would be best for each child. We used a recommended program for several years that I believe really stunted my children’s growth in learning math. That combined with some major illnesses in our family, we are very far behind in math. Most important on my list is my 11th grader who struggles more with math anyway. There were some things as far back as the third grade book A that she did not fully understand. We started there with her and let her go through the book quickly spending more time with those things that had not yet been learned like area and perimeter among other things. She seems to be grasping this foundational work quite well. My question is would you recommend she continue through the books in this way or should we reassess and maybe skip a couple or few books? I am very sad my children did not start with this program from the beginning. My fourth grader, sixth grader, and seventh grader are breezing through and catching right up quickly. But with having only one more year with my eleventh grader, I want to make sure she gets everything she needs. Thank you for your help.

I suggest to use the placement tests as ASSESSMENT tests, to find out what topics she would need to study.

At this point, with only one year left, I suggest to focus on these topics first of all: fractions, decimals, a bit of ratios, and percent. That is because those are the most important topics related to real life. Then as time allows, you could also try cover statistical graphs, some geometry, proportions, integers, etc., using your judgment.

2. Area Maze game

Looks like a neat game to practice multiplication and area of rectangles at the same time!You need two dice and a marker for each player.

Check it out here:

3. A homeschool lesson with us

Check out how one homeschool mom and her daughter do a lesson about multiplication word problems from Math Mammoth grade 3. πŸ˜€

4. New at MM practice

Two new activities at Math Mammoth Practice:

1. Attention all kindergarteners and first graders in particular...
A new 100-chart game called "Give the Cat a Mouse"!

In this game, you find numbers in the 100-chart. Choose the percentage of numbers that are already pre-filled in the chart to be low, such as 10%, to make the game more challenging. πŸ™‚

You can use this game in other grade levels, too. Just change the starting number and the step to make a different kind of chart, such as one starting at 100 and going by steps of 3. You'll get to use your skip-counting skills then!

And then... for a real challenge, try the MYSTERY MODE! This could be hard even for adults. 😊

2. This is mainly for kindergarten and grade 1... practicing the connection or the relationship between addition and subtraction. πŸ™‚

5. The first 1000 numbers versus chips

Two tasks... add the first 1000 numbers, or open a bag of chips. Who will get their task finished sooner?

My girls enjoyed this one-minute math lesson with a laugh 10 years ago when I showed it to them, and now my son did too. πŸ™‚

6. Just for fun!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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Till next time,
Maria Miller

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