Maria's Math Tips, March 2016
I am so sorry this newsletter is kind of late, but as a result, there is something SPECIAL at the end! smile
  1. Math Mammoth news
  2. Addictive factor game (grades 3-7)
  3. Leap day and other calendar oddities (grades 2-12)
  4. Infinities (grades 5-12)
  5. An ancient story revisited

1. Math Mammoth news

Homeschool Buyers Co-op GROUP BUY for Math Mammoth products is BACK!

The group buy runs for the entire month of March, and includes all the large MM bundles, plus Make It Real Learning bundles. The discount varies according to the number of participants, up to 50% off.

Visit to take part.

2. Addictive factor game

Here's an addictive multiplication/factor game that I'm sure you will enjoy!

Two players take turns to play. The first player chooses a factor from the list of numbers at the bottom (by moving the slider on it). The 2nd player then chooses another factor, and he gets the PRODUCT of those two factors (it is colored on the board).

Then back to the 1st player... he will MOVE one of the sliders to a new number, but the other slider stays. The 1st player gets the number that is the PRODUCT of the two factors.

And so on. The winner is the person who gets FOUR squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in a row.

See also this link for some neat extensions concerning this game :)

3. Leap day and other calendar oddities

We just passed through the LEAP DAY (February 29) — an extra day added to our calendar every four years (well... almost every four years).

I know we're already in March, but this site has a simple explanation and an interesting graphic worth peaking at concerning leap years:

=> Leap Years at Maths Is Fun

And if you'd like to learn more about various calendar oddities, check out: => Leap Year and Other Calendar Oddities

For example, did you know some people have proposed calendar reforms that would employ a 364-day year?

4. Infinities

Here's a video about INFINITY... did you know there are actually infinities of DIFFERENT SIZES?

I know it sounds mind-boggling, and in a sense, it is... but perhaps it's good for our minds to be "boggled" sometimes! :)

The video itself is nice and easy to follow though, so don't feel scared. :)

5. An ancient story revisited

This video story is along the same lines as the "sower" videos I told you about last year. Some of you will NOT be interested... but please don't throw mudballs if that is the case. I fully understand. The rest of you... I hope you will enjoy the multi-media presentation of this ancient story that was originally told by Jesus!

=> An ancient story revisited

Thanks for reading! :)

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Till next time,
Maria Miller
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