Maria's Math Tips, October 2015
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  1. Math Mammoth news
  2. Addition facts within 0-10 (grades 1-2)
  3. Different colors (grades 1-2)
  4. Neat tool for area and perimeter (grades 3-5)
  5. Awesome math dictionary/glossary (grades 1-12)

1. Math Mammoth news

Did you know?

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2. Addition facts within 0-10

Check out these my videos on addition facts within 0-10! They present an organized and logical method for children to learn their addition facts within 10 using PATTERNS that arise from the number system itself.

Children LOVE patterns, and patterns are the essence of math — mathematics has even been defined as the "science of patterns".

In this method, we study sums with 5, sums with 6, sums with 7, and so on until sums with 10 (also called "number bonds"). These sums or number bonds are not studied in random order, but grouped by the SUM, or the "answer".

3. Different colors

This is what my son did on one of his Math Mammoth pages when studying FRACTIONS in 1st grade math... Look closely at the instruction for question 1d... color both halves, but different colors! It was so cute. smile

In case you're curious, this particular worksheet page is found in my book Introduction to Fractions and also in Math Mammoth Grade 1 Complete Curriculum.

4. Neat tool for area and perimeter

Here's a neat online tool for playing around with AREA and PERIMETER of rectangular figures (especially for grades 3-4). smile

You can create your own rectangular shapes using colorful blocks and explore the relationship between perimeter and area. You can choose to show the side lengths to understand how perimeter works.

You can also use two workareas (grids) to compare the area and perimeter of TWO shapes side-by-side.

Lastly, challenge yourself in the game screen to build shapes or find the area of funky figures.

5. Awesome math dictionary/glossary

Here's an awesome math dictionary or glossary that your children will LOVE browsing smile

It comes in two "flavors":

That's it this time! I hope you found something helpful. smile

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