Homeschool Math Newsletter, Vol. 41, July 2010

Welcome to the July edition of Homeschool Math Newsletter! This summer edition is shorter than normal -- maybe that is fitting for the vacation time many of you are enjoying. You can read the newsletter online from this link.

In this month's newsletter:

1. Algebra 1 curriculum for homeschool
2. Summer math program
3. A science freebie

1. Algebra 1 curriculum for homeschool

I have just finished writing a LONG article on homeschool algebra 1 recommendations and advice. It took me quite many hours to write and research.

Questions about what to do for algebra 1 have become one of the "frequently asked questions", so I decided to write down something that I can refer people to, from now on.

I realize you may have different opinions and even suggestions for algebra curriculum in homeschool, so if you let me know, I'm willing to look into other possibilities not mentioned in the article.

Continue reading: Algebra 1 curriculum in homeschool

2. Summer math program

TenMarks is a new, online program that offers lessons and personalized programs that cover all the core math skills and concepts your child will need in school.
  • Grades 3-10
  • Over 100 core skills per grade
  • Hints and video lessons for every topic
TenMarks offers you three types of summer programs:-

Step-up programs - Get ready for the next school year by reviewing and practicing math concepts from the last school year - and previewing the next year's.
Foundation programs - Refresh core concepts like Algebra, Geometry, Fractions, Math Operations and more - ideal for introductory and advanced learners.
Custom program - Create your own personalized summer program based on an assessment.

Price: $39.99 for the entire summer (from now until next school year)

Try it out!

Summer Math Program

Or... would you like to see other options for summer math? Read my article Keeping Your Math Skills Sharp Over the Summer.

3. A science freebie

Here's your chance to download a FREE copy of the "Science Activity Manual & Video Series". This is a step-by-step teaching guide of some easy-to-do exciting science experiments. It is NOT just any home made science experiments PDF file -- it's beautifully laid out, written by a scientist, and colorful (definitely professional quality).

AND, it also includes free access (links) to online VIDEOS that show the experiments! Yet that's not all -- the guide also includes explanations of the science concepts behind the experiments, and follow-up questions.

I was really impressed by the quality of the experiments, and amazed that this guide and videos are free.

The activities include disappearing glass, mixing cold light, making plasma, a static motor, and others. The materials for the experiments are easy to get (you probably have most of them).

Download your copy now!

I wish you a good summer!
Till next time,
Maria Miller

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