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This month's newsletter contains:

  1. Math Mammoth updates
  2. A fraction chart (grades 3-7)
  3. The Math Game That's Worth 1,000 Worksheets (grades K-7)
  4. The Impossible Sum Puzzle (grades 3-12)
  5. A Kid's Guide to Saving: An Interactive Workbook (grades 3-8)
  6. A special mathematical dot-to-dot (grades 6-12)
  7. Mom's nerves
  8. Just for fun!

1. Math Mammoth updates

  • There's a 25% off sale at Teachers Pay Teachers - just for today May 6 (Use promo code THANKYOU20 at checkout). But if you miss that one, I will run a sale around mid-May at — stay tuned!
  • You can now play 7 up card game (actually a solitaire) at Math Mammoth practice!

    It is for addition facts where the sum is 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14. Check it out!
  • A note from a happy customer... 😀 someone who used this and that and the other that I offer. It's neat to hear that the various resources are useful!
    Hello, Maria and Math Mammoth staff,

    I wanted to thank you for the curriculum you've created and the many supports you have available for using it. We've bought some topical books and two different grade-level sets, we've used the e-books and the print books, we've really benefited from your online printable assessments, we've used the worksheet generator with the e-books we bought, and we've found your teaching videos very helpful for filling in a student's understanding of new lessons. It's curriculum-search time and a friend was asking about Math Mammoth... I realized that all the positive things I was telling my friend should go also to thank and encourage your team. (I also am thankful for the how-to-choose-an-algebra-program article — that was welcome guidance!)

    Thank you for your complete and well-supported program. I'm glad there's something I can recommend so strongly to my friend.
  • My daughter made this meme of our dog. These are hard times, but the message is true!

    Smiling doggie - Smile, because there is always something to smile about

2. A fraction chart

A pretty cool fraction chart (printable... also available in classroom size):

3. The Math Game That's Worth 1,000 Worksheets

I've told you about this before, but it's worth repeating, being so simple and effective.

If you haven't heard about it yet, the main idea of the game is like in the game of War: deal 2 cards to each player and add/multiply/subtract them... or make a fraction... and the player with the highest (or lowest) total wins all the cards.

The math game that's worth 1,000 worksheets is now newly updated with an option for strategic play: Math War Trumps!

4. The Impossible Sum Puzzle

Someone just told me about this fascinating little puzzle... but they spoiled it for me by telling the answer. I won't tell you though! 😁 Have fun! Think about it before you watch the video.

You need to choose three billiard balls so that the numbers add up to 30. You may use one ball more than once.

5. A Kid's Guide to Saving: An Interactive Workbook

April was financial literacy month — on top of other things that April was.

To mark the occasion, is offering a free nice workbook: A Kid's Guide to Saving: An Interactive Workbook

With 14 pages, the guide includes:
  • A calculator that illustrates the magic of compound interest for a child's understanding
  • Budgeting worksheets to calculate how much to save and set savings goals
  • A quiz to test their learning with a certificate of completion at the end

6. A special mathematical dot-to-dot

Interesting! This is a mathematical dot-to-dot that's different from the routine...

7. Mom's nerves

Saw this on Facebook...

8. Just for fun!

Thanks for reading! :)

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