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  1. Math Mammoth news
  2. Factris game (grades 4-12)
  3. Addition and subtraction of fractions (grades 4-8)
  4. Decimals problem (grades 4-12)
  5. Movement during math class
  6. Just for fun!

1. Math Mammoth News

I just added a bit more info about printed books to the FAQ.

Specifically, if you search for Math Mammoth grade this or that on Amazon, their search tends to bring up the versions with grayscale interior pages (because those are printed by KDP which Amazon owns), and it's kind of hard to find the FULL COLOR versions. Yet they ARE available through Amazon! The trick is, search with the ISBN number.

If you visit the FAQ, you can then download a document that has the ISBN numbers for both the full color and grayscale versions.

You can also ask your local bookstore to order Math Mammoth printed books using the ISBN numbers.

Here's a testimonial from an accountant using Math Mammoth... 😄
I'm a professional accountant (CPA) with three children in Math Mammoth (Levels 5, 3, and 1). Two of them have a natural aptitude for math, while the other struggles with dyslexia. We chose Math Mammoth because it promised an affordable, easy-to-follow approach with very little preparation for parents. We've been very impressed with the results we're seeing with all of our children. We love that the curriculum is a complete grade school math program that's laid out over seven years instead of eight; it gives students who struggle with math the chance to go at their own pace without worrying about having to catch up later. The videos and bonus features are very helpful. Even though I play with numbers all day at work, I've learned a number of things myself while teaching my children using Math Mammoth. Maria's approach is the way I wished I had learned math when I was young. I'd encourage any homeschooling family to look into Math Mammoth.


Factris game

Factris is an interesting game... like tetris, but it's all about factoring at the same time as dropping blocks. 😃

Students will therefore get to practice the possible factorizations of a number, while at the same time experiencing the factorizations visually. Great for grades 4 on up!

3. Addition and subtraction of fractions

NEW at Math Mammmoth Practice: addition and subtraction of fractions.

In this practice script, that students have working space to write the intermediate step (with a common denominator).

Options include like / unlike fractions, allow answers that are not in lowest terms, and more.

4. Decimals problem

Do you think you or your students would like solving this type of a problem?

Try solve it yourself first! Don't click on the answer button too soon. 😃

That website (Open Middle) has many more problems like that!

5. Movement during math class

Look how Sara Van Der Werf gets students to moving during math class, and to do math problems "vertically" (= on a whiteboard or other vertical surface). It gets them engaged!

She uses many problems from the website Open Middle.

Many of them are of the type, "Use the digits 1 to 9, at most one time each, to make..." and using sticky notes for those digits works wonderfully well!

6. Just for fun!

Thanks for reading! :)

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