Maria Miller Hello again! Hard to believe it is the year 2020! A new decade!

My kids already started the 2020 mathematics game, and it's harder this year than most, since you only have the digits 2, 0, 2, 0 to use. But they're trying! Lots of double factorials for sure.

  1. Math Mammoth news
  2. A number talk (grades 4-12)
  3. Deep sea (science!)
  4. Number-grid game (grades K-3)
  5. Mathematical art: afgans and origami
  6. Two-Dice Sums Game (grades 2-8)
  7. Just for fun!

1. Math Mammoth News

Some have asked about promotions in January...
  • Homeschool Buyers' Co-op will run a sale for the large Math Mammoth bundles January 6-13.
  • Homeschool Giveaways will run a promotion that will include Math Mammoth during January 2-7.
  • Then, I will run a sale on the Math Mammoth website in the latter half of January.
  • Also, Rainbow Resource often runs a sale for the printed Math Mammoth books in January – but I have not heard a confirmation about this.

Need to print Math Mammoth materials? Color printing can be expensive. If you have a home printer, I suggest using the "draft" or "fast" mode – the result is most likely good enough. But if you need to have it printed, check out this company – they may very well have the best pricing, and they focus on helping homeschoolers:

2. A number talk

I asked my Facebook followers to explain how they would calculate 12 × 15 in their head.

Check out the comments! It became an enthusiastic discussion.

This is an example of a "number talk". 😃 You ask a mental math question, and then you collect the possible ways to do it from your students/children/audience. Everyone can learn from others' solutions!

There are quite a few different ways to solve it... how many ways can you find?

3. Deep Sea

Someone sent me this link. It is not math; it's science, but it's really interesting... just scroll!

=> Deep Sea

4. Number-grid game

If you're looking to play a math game, here's a nice (free) one for early elementary age children: Number grid game 😃

5. Mathematical art: afghans and origami

Any knitters here? How about knitting afghans with MATHEMATICAL themes and patterns?

Here's one that represents the multiplication tables...

... and here are lots more afghans to explore.

And here's some fantastic geometric origami. Just eye candy. 😄 Go take a look at the pics!

I am constantly amazed at what artists can do, at the same time feeling that I could never do such. Yet, I realize that the human brain is capable of a lot, and if I was into this type of endeavor, who knows, maybe I WOULD learn it. (And the same is true of math... so many people feel they can't learn it beyond 4th grade math or whatever. But no, their brain IS capable. It's their attitude... which is not completely their fault, it's the influences from others in the society.)

6. Two-Dice Sums Game

An engaging & simple game, and an engaging read. I've seen this idea used in many other (addition) games, but this is a good way to bring the concept of probability to it!

=> Two-dice sums game

7. Just for fun!

Thanks for reading! :)

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Till next time,
Maria Miller

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