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In this edition:
  1. Math Mammoth sales
  2. NEW: Math Mammoth lesson plans
  3. Online practice tool for the multiplication tables (grades 2 and up)
  4. Interactive model of the solar system (grades 1-12)
  5. Chasing Shadows and more

1. Math Mammoth sales

As of right now, you can find sales in the following places:
  1. Currclick — Pay What You Want sale for a variety of Math Mammoth books from the Blue series; till July 22. "Pay What You Want" means exactly that; it also means you CAN even get these books for FREE... though of course, I appreciate it if you pay. But sometimes people are in a really tight financial situation, and I understand that.
  2. Homeschool Buyers Co-op — various series 40% off; till July 21
  3. Educents — Light Blue series at 40% off; till July 26

2. NEW: Math Mammoth lesson plans

BIG NEWS! Have you heard of Homeschool Planet? It is a calendar product for homeschoolers, developed by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Well, here's the news: we are developing "LESSON PLANS" for Math Mammoth for the Homeschool Planet. :)

Grades 1-4 are already available as of today.

Lesson plans for Math Mammoth

These plans assign the lessons and tests from Math Mammoth Light Blue series curriculum over a period of so many days, usually around 180-190 days. In the calendar, you can then apply these "days" to the calendar however you want — even "scoot" them forward if a particular day's assignment doesn't get done.

The plan also allows you one-click access to dozens of my instructional videos, assigned to the matching lessons in the curriculum, as well as many additional Internet resources and games — one for nearly every day of the plan. You can use these resources for additional practice, for review, for illustrations to clarify a concept, or just for fun.

Please read more here:

=> Math Mammoth Lesson Plans for Homeschool Planet

3. Online practice tool for the multiplication tables

This is of course NOT the best time of year to talk about multiplication tables, but it just so happens that David Chandler has made a new online TOOL or program for practicing the tables — and he has aligned the ORDER of practicing the tables with the order I use in my books. :)

This tool also practices the tables both forwards and backwards at the same time — which is exactly the approach I've taken in my books and in my videos for the multiplication tables.

Practicing them both ways is so great, because it allows the students to master division facts "in disguise" at the same time.

What does it mean? For example, students not only learn the answers to 2 × 6, 3 × 6, 4 × 6, 5 × 6, etc. but also practice the missing factor problems: ___ × 6 = 12, ___ × 6 = 30, ___ × 6 = 72, ___ × 6 = 42, etc.

4. Interactive model of the solar system

Might bookmark this for future use... an INTERACTIVE model of the SOLAR SYSTEM. Kids can see, not only the orbits of the planets, but how fast they travel.

You can speed everyone up... and then Mercury looks like it's twirling around so fast it makes you dizzy -- but Pluto is still just crawling along! You can zoom in and out, go backwards or forwards in time, see information about the planets, include comets, moons, etc. It's really neat!

I suggest choosing the "realistic model" instead of "orrery model" and realistic sizes instead of "large" from the settings (icon for settings is on the left hand side).

5. Chasing Shadows and more

Some of you may remember the SOWER videos I showcased over a year ago, which our family had the opportunity to help produce. Those videos have now been put on the website so you can view them there (updated versions, in fact!).

From a similar lines of thought... I wanted to also highlight the video CHASING SHADOWS. I really enjoyed it... and it has a really important lesson!

Thanks for reading! :)

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Till next time,
Maria Miller
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