Maria's Math News, Vol. 82, May 2014

I love teaching, and I love math. This newsletter is my way of reaching out and helping you to teach it, too.

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In this newsletter, we'll explore

1. Math Mammoth stuff

2. Geometric vanish puzzles (grades 4-12)

3. Fraction and geometry lessons updated (grades 4-6)

4. Chemistry Magic Show (grades K-12)

5. HeartCheer



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    1. Math Mammoth stuff

    1. I will run a SALE for all downloads and CDs at Kagi store in the latter part of May! Stay tuned!

    2. For summer math, consider Math Mammoth review workbooks! The workbooks are intended to give students a thorough review of the particular grade level math. Each book has both topical as well as mixed (spiral) review worksheets, and includes both topical tests and a comprehensive end-of-the-year test. The tests can also be used as review worksheets, instead of tests.

      The content for these workbooks is taken from the corresponding level of the Light Blue series (the mixed reviews, reviews, tests, and cumulative reviews). Therefore, these workbooks are redundant if you own the complete Light Blue Series.

      See more & download samples →


    Learn math using our on-line, self-paced, multimedia math lessons. Our lessons are absolutely FREE with no sign-up.

    Our math lessons are taught by a certified math teacher. Lessons have step-by-step instruction that include problem solving strategies, “Try These” problems to check understanding, and worksheets that have step-by-step (not just the answers) answer keys. All of this at no charge.

    Go to Mathematics Lessons to see a list of our lessons, lesson objectives, see what we are about, and watch video math lessons.

    2. Geometric vanish puzzles

    Look at what happens here, when the pieces are rearranged! One square disappears. How can that be?

    The video shows you another geometric vanish that looks even more amazing and puzzling. Where do those pieces go????? It looks like they vanish just by rearranging the pieces, yet the overall puzzle stays the same size.

    Read more →

    3. Fraction and geometry lessons updated

    I have updated a bunch of lessons on fractions & geometry at my site... these are FREE lessons.

    Fraction lessons (grades 4-6) →

    Geometry lessons (grades 4-6) →

    4. Chemistry Magic Show

    I wanted to let you know... Aurora from SuperCharged Science is doing a FREE online teleclass on May 14 at 12:00 PM Noon Pacific Time.

    It's titled Chemistry Magic Show.

    Here's her description of it:
    Ooze, bubble, fizz, crystallize and phase shift the elements as you learn how to coagulate slime, crystallize candy, and shake up confections in your own chemistry magic show! I'll teach you the science behing the experiments you can baffle your audience with.

    The class is totally free!     Sign up for teleclass →

    5. Poem from HeartCheer

    With permission from — click to enlarge

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