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Maria's Math News, Vol. 62, April 2012

I love teaching, and I love math. This newsletter is my way of reaching out and helping you to teach it, too.

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Welcome to April! I hope I found something for everybody, once again. I also wanted to note that the recent giveaway of Hands-On Equations hit a record with over 1900 participants! Winners have been notified - thanks everyone for taking part! See also the information about Hands-On Equations above.


1. Math Mammoth news
2. Measuring videos
3. A few fun links for even & odd numbers
4. Zoowhiz - online learning system
5. Tidbits

1. Math Mammoth news

Math Mammoth Grades 1 and 2 (Light Blue) are now aligned to the Common Core standards. I hope to have the new versions available and more info on the website within 1-2 days. I will also send an email about it.

2. Measuring videos

I've made a page filled with measuring-related videos, for about 4th grade level but you can use them with 3rd and 5th too.

Topics include measuring to the 1/8th of an inch, in millimeters & centimeters, conversions between inches, feet, and yards, metric units of weight, of length, and of volume, customary units of weight, temperature, and time.

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3. A few fun links for even & odd numbers


Fruit Shoot
Shoot a fruit with an even or odd number, whichever one your aim tells you. Three levels: 1-10, 1-20, and 1-100.

Odd or Even?
Drag and drop the number cards to their correct place in the diagram (even or odd). three difficulty levels (numbers 1-10, 1-30, or 1-100).

Story of Odd and Even
A simple story about two ladybugs named Odd and Even. It teaches even and odd within 1-10.

4. Zoowhiz - online learning system

Here's a fairly new learning website for children that is free: ZooWhiz. It lets children practice math, reading, and phonics/vocabulary, and earn points while doing so. Then they can spend their points to buy animals for their zoo, or to unlock arcade games.

It's quite a bit for being free, I think. My girls have played it and enjoyed it a lot, especially the younger one. I was impressed by the quality and how it is offered for free. (They have a "premium" option coming soon where you pay for extra features.)

It says that access time outside school hours is limited but I think it may mean Australian school hours.

The educational activities vary from one to the next; it's sort of like giving them "mixed review." They are organized by age groups and also by levels within the age groups.


5. Tidbits

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Till next time,
Maria Miller
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