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Maria's Math News, Vol. 59, January 2012

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Greetings! This time the newsletter is filled with Math Mammoth related news, plus my new videos.


1. Math Mammoth news
2. New videos of mine
3. Review of K5Learning
4. Tidbits

1. Math Mammoth news

I have made a little promotional video where I explain a little bit about the origin of Math Mammoth books and show my mascot, Mathy. You can see the video on the home page (scroll down).

I also got a NEW LOGO for Math Mammoth:

If you need this graphic, see a collection of different size logos here. The book covers will be upgraded too!

Then, something IMPORTANT. I will be aligning Math Mammoth to the Common Core standards. This might take me half a year. Thus far it looks like just minor changes for grades 1-5, and a bit more changes for grade 6.

Nearly all US states (only 5 or 6 haven't) either have adopted or will adopt the Common Core standards, so this means that Math Mammoth will probably be aligned to YOUR state's standards as well!

Actually, Math Mammoth is even now fairly well aligned to the Common Core standards. Common Core standards are based on having a few "focus" areas for each grade level (instead of the "inch deep and mile wide" curriculum so prevalent in the past), and Math Mammoth being a mastery-based program has always had similar basic focus areas for each grade.

I've also gotten one more "teacher report". Ms. Pineda used the area and perimeter lessons from my early geometry book with her 3rd grade bilingual classroom. Read her experience & lesson plans.

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2. New videos of mine

I mentioned these in my December newsletter but many of you missed that, so I wanted to mention them again. Plus, I have one more video page now, fraction videos, part 2.

3. Review of K5Learning


K5Learning is an online reading and math enrichment program for grades K-5. It is intended to be a supplemental program, such as for after-school study, or a supplement to your home school curriculum.

K5 Learning actually includes four separate programs:

K5Learning features a 14-day free trial, which I recommend you take, to see what it is all about, and if it would help your child. They also have lots of sample lessons.

Check out my complete review!

4. Tidbits

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Till next time,
Maria Miller
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