Area & perimeter lessons, giveaway of Math Rider, math in real life, Roman numerals, and more

Maria's Math News, Vol. 56, October 2011

I love teaching, and I love math. This newsletter is my way of reaching out and helping you to teach it, too.

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    Hello again! With October at hand, school is in full swing. Check out all the resources in the newsletter—I hope I found something for everybody!

    1. Area & perimeter lessons and videos
    2. Math in the real life: resources
    3. Fun & practice with Roman numerals
    4. GIVEAWAY: Math Rider
    5. Tidbits

    1. Area & perimeter lessons and videos

    Some new geometry lessons, for about 4th-5th grade level. You can watch a video and then read the lesson and see the sample exercises.

    Area of Rectangles


    Area versus Perimeter

    2. Math in the real life: resources

    I've put together a page of web resources about math in the real world. These include a website with movies that show how algebra is used in real life, a site with multimedia explorations, information about careers that require mathematics, sites with activity worksheets with real-life data, and some articles. Enjoy!

    3. Fun & practice with Roman numerals

    Someone asked me recently whether I include Roman Numerals in Math Mammoth. Yes, I do... they are in the 3rd grade materials, but the section is not extensive.

    For some extra fun, learning, and practice with them, check out these web resources for Roman Numerals. You'll find tutorials, games, worksheets, dot-to-dots, and even a web quest.

    4. GIVEAWAY: Math Rider

    You, my readers, have REALLY liked the recent giveaways, so here's one more! And again, it is for helping with math facts. I guess that is a popular topic.

    Math Rider is donating FIVE copies of their Intelligent Math Facts Game software for the giveaway. I will also give away FIVE copies of Math Mammoth Blue Series download - so there are a total of 10 winners!

    Here's how it works:
    1. To participate, send me an email with the "giveaway" as the subject line. That's all that's needed for that. Please don't include questions in that email as I'm not planning to read these... If you have a question, title your email something else.

    2. The giveaway runs till midnight EST Monday, October 3.

    3. After that, I will choose the winners using random number generator and let them know.
    By the way... I was told by the MathRider team that there is a new, improved version on its way and that the price is likely to rise when it comes out (soon). All existing users will receive the update for free, so if you are considering purchasing the game, now would be a great time to do so.

    Special Discount For Maria's Math News Readers
    Also... during the next 10 days (till October 12), you can get Math Rider for 25% off (normal price $37). Enter code "maria25" (case insensitive) into the field "How did you hear about us?" at Math Rider checkout, and the 25% discount will be applied.

    5. Tidbits

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    Till next time,
    Maria Miller
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