Maria's Math News, Vol. 46, October 2010

Math Mammoth giveaway

This giveaway is ONLY for my subscribers! I will give away one PDF book from the Blue Series (of your choice) to twenty (yes, that's 20) lucky people. Please see the list of choices here -- the Blue Series books have explanations & exercises and there is a book or several for nearly all math topics in grades 1-6 (the exceptions are integers, statistics, and probability--and those are coming soon, too).

The rules:
  1. Send me a note about your experience with Math Mammoth. You don't have to be a customer -- you can tell me how you have liked/used the free sample pages and worksheets. All of you have had opportunity to download this package, but if it's been a while, you can redownload it here:
    And if you don't know about zip files, read here.

    Anyone can participate! However, I'm especially curious to hear about you, if your child is autistic, dyslexic, has dyscalculia or some other learning disorder. I haven't designed Math Mammoth specifically for special needs students but I have heard from parents who use MM for that... and so now I'd like to learn more. But, remember, you can take part in the giveaway just as well if your student or students are "normal".

    Just reply to this email and send me your story.

  2. The deadline for sending me your experience is Friday, October 29.

  3. Include which book you'd like to have if you win.

  4. I will then choose 20 winners randomly, and email them the book of their choosing.

  5. The prizes are downloadable books from the Blue Series (PDF files).

The American Math Challenge 2010

The American Math Challenge 2010 is around the corner... Registrations are now open at

The actual event will take place over 48 hours, beginning on October 26, 2010 at 9 a.m. EST. This is a FREE online Challenge where U.S. students of all ages and skill levels compete against each other in a series of one-minute mental math games, as well as self-challenged curriculum-based activities.

October 18 will open a "practice competition week" open to all registrants.

Registration will close on October 22.

Guess my secret number game... updated

One of those "guess my number games"... but this is a stumper! How does it work? How can the computer guess your original number? The game is here:

My blogpost has the explanation...

Just Call - original song by 24K Gold Music

"I've got to see you,
I'm longing to say,
Just call... Just call... Just Call.
I'll be there."

Listen to Just Call

That Brighter Day

Don't give up what we have to do,
don't give in to dismay,
Just keep on looking for
that brighter day.....

Listen to That Brighter Day

Till next time,
Maria Miller

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