With these uncertain times and hardships people are going through and the loss of loved ones, I felt it fitting to highlight some narrated, illustrated poems on Inspire4.com. April is also a national poetry month in the US.

I am hoping they will bring some encouragement to you or someone you love!

Love Will Keep Us

This poem brings us a reminder to express our love and appreciation to our friends and family while we still have the opportunity to do so.
"We get so very busy with daily toil and care, We often take for granted the fact that they are there…"

"Don’t wait until they’ve left us, for then it is too late, To let them know you love them, how you appreciate..."

Faith is the Ability

Nothing just happened to be. That's the thought-provoking theme of this poem.

True Love Wins

"When trials of life fall heavily upon you
True love wins
When hopes and dreams fade, and your life seems to be through
True love wins..."

Reminder Prayers

The short, yet powerful prayers in this poem speak of yearnings deep within.

Did We Forget Something?

This short yet touching poem reminds us not to take anything for granted.
"All things belong to God above,
And we can thank Him for His love,
By wisely following His ways,
And being thankful all our days."

When You Lose Someone You Dearly Love

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things for people to go through. Nothing hurts more than losing someone dear to you! It is at those times that the thought may cross one's mind: "Why did God allow them to die?" There could even be a temptation to blame God for what happened. This poem, by our pastor, is intended to help at such a time—to encourage our hearts, and help us strive to live on for the day when we must part from this life.